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Which Type of Company Uses Which Type of Jewelry Store Program and the Jewelry Store Solution?

This section is prepared to quickly reveal which of our solutions your company needs.
The M&L Software Team has developed Software packages and System solutions under the name of M&L Jewelery Programs according to various needs of the jewelry industry.

M&L Jewelery Programs and Solutions are gathered in 4 main categories;

M&L Jewelery Programs Categories

M&L Jewelery Programs - (Desktop)
M&L Web Solutions
M&L Mobile Programs
M&L Special Solutions

We named a program, system and services, which includes hardware used together with M&L programs, as M&L Jewelery Automation and System Solutions. Accordingly, M&L System Solutions are also divided into 3 main categories.

M&L System Solutions Categories

MLBarcode Solutions
MLAges-Rfid Solutions
MLSertifika-Catalog Solutions

Programs developed by M&L Software for Jewelery are analyzed in 2 main sections as Wholesale - Manufacturing - Export Programs and Retail - Wholesale - Chain Store Programs according to the activity type of Jewelery Companies.

M&L Jewelery Programs; It is used in manufacturing, wholesale, retail and medium-sized jewelry companies and creates various usage areas according to the product groups that companies operate. As a result, our programs consist of the main module and additional modules.
You can examine which type of company and which main programs and solutions you can use from the menu on the side. M&L Jewelery Programs, M&L Web Solutions, M&L Mobile Programs, M&L Special Solutions our programs andMLBarcode, MLAges-Rfid, MLCertifica-Catalog, you can learn the contents of our basic jewelery automation by going to the links and learning in detail. More detailed information includes your company information and requests you send to our company. " Information Request Form " you can get it as soon as possible after reaching our side.