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Barcode Labeling System Solution For Jewelers

What is M&L Barcode System? What is it composeds of?

It is a Barcode Labeling System Solution developed by M&L Software for Jewelers. There are 4 parts that make up the system in MLBarcode System.

1) M&L Jewellery Software: MLSet, MLPerakende, MLDiamond veya MLGold Erp
2) Barcode Label Printer: Zebra GK320 Barcode Printer and counterparts
3) Jewellery Tags:Original or nearly original domestic jewelry labels; They are not affected by heat, light and water and they are labels in roll form produced entirely for jewelry. There are 1250 pieces in 1 roll. The strip of these tags is also called ribbon. 1 roll of ribbon and 5000 labels (4 rolls can be used. In addition to the standard white labels, there are also underline, yellow gold and silver colored labels. In addition, we can also make custom printed labels for your company. Barcode printer, ribbon and label must be compatible with each other.
4) Barcode Reader: Products are counted collectively by means of wired or wireless barcode readers, the showcase stock of the product and the computer stock are checked with barcode readers. In retail stores, on the other hand, this system is used at the desks to give customers a smooth and healthy, standard and fast price. Provides reliability and speed in sales.

MLBarcode System Solution is used by gold and diamond product producers, wholesalers and exporters in the jewelry production sector.

The name of our M&L Software System solution is MLBarkod System Solution, which is used by gold and diamond wholesalers and exporters in the wholesale jewelry sector, Silver wholesalers, retail companies selling gold and diamond products in the retail jewelry sector, and jewelry stores and silver retailers.

Which Type of Company Uses Which Type of Jeweler Program and Jewelry Solution?

This section has been prepared to quickly reveal which of our solutions your company needs.
M&L Software Team has developed Software packages and System solutions under the name of M&L Jewelry Programs according to the various needs of the jewelry industry.

M&L Jewelery Programs and Solutions are collected in 4 main categories;

M&L Jewelery Programs Categories

M&L Jewelery Programs - (Desktop)
M&L Web Solutions
M&L Mobile Programs
M&L Special Solutions We have named M&L Jewelery Automations and System Solutions for a program, system and service that includes hardware used together with M&L programs.

Accordingly, M&L System Solutions are also divided into 3 main categories.

M&L System Solutions Categories

MLBarcode Solutions
MLAges-Rfid Solutions
MLCertification-Catalog Solutions

Programs developed by M&L Software for Jewelery are examined in 2 main sections as Wholesale - Manufacturing - Export Programs and Retail - Wholesale - Chain Store Programs according to the activity type of the Jewelery Firms.

M&L Jewelery Programs; It is used in manufacturing, wholesale, retail and medium-sized jewelry companies and creates various usage areas according to the product groups that the companies work. As a result, our programs consist of main modules and additional modules.
In which type of company, you can examine which main programs and solutions you can use from the menu on the side. M&L Jewelery Programs, M&L Web Solutions, M&L Mobile Programs, M&L Special Solutions named programs and MLBarcode, MLAges Rfid, ML Certificate-Catalog, you can learn the contents of our basic jewelery automations called, by visiting the links, in detail. For more detailed information, you will send to our company, including your company information and your requests. " Information Request Form " the shortest links after reaching us.

MLBarcode “ Adding Identity to Your Products ”