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What is M&L Ages - RFID Jewelery Counting System? What is it composed of?

RFID (Radio Frequency Id Technology) means radio frequency identification technology. AGES (All Gained Electronic Equipped System); it is short for smart, secure, electronic labeling system. MLAGES RFID Jewelery Automation is the name of the program and system that enables fast and safe control and counting of gold and diamond products tagged with electronic chips using RFID technology. At the same time, mass orders and outputs can be made in a very short time and safely.

M&L Programs that can be in the MLAGES System;
It consists of MLSET, MLPERAKENDE, MLDIAMOND or MLGOLD Erp programs. MLAGES RFID additional module is added to these programs.

RFID Hardware in MLAGES System;
It consists of Rfid POS antenna and reader (to label the product and introduce it to the program), bulk Rfid reader and antenna unit (for batch counting and reading of products) and RFID electronic chip tags (reusable security thread product chip tag).

What Does ML Ages – RFID Do?

This system has the speed of collectively reading 1000 pieces of jewelery in an average of 3 minutes. It counts retail gold and diamond stores in a very short time. If there is an AGES RRID label instead of barcoded products that the jewelry fair and marketing sales teams come out one by one, it provides a very serious time advantage by making mass exit and ordering. It is the faster version of MLBARKOD system. Provides quick and safe control of wholesale and marketing bag teams. The alarm system prevents the products with chip labels from leaving the store. If desired, it monitors the jewelery products in real time with its SMART SHOPPING system and automatically counts the jewelery inventory at the end of the day. SMART SHOPPING With the Rfid system, full security is also provided. The M&L team meets future demands in this regard with company-specific engineering work.

Who Uses ML Ages – RFID System?

Jewelery companies operating in the retail sector. Medium and large sized jewelery and jewelery stores. Center stores (jewelery, carpet, leather, souvenir shops) Wholesale jewelers, marketing team ones.

ML AGES "Store Control in 15 Minutes with Smart Secure Labeling System"