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What is M&L Certificate - Catalog?

M&L Software program is the name we give to M&L Jewelery automation, which consists of certificate card printer, plastic cards and ribbons. The M&L Certificate-Catalog System was given this name because sales and control operations are carried out based on products certified with plastic cards in gold - diamond wholesalers and retail jewelry stores.

Our company used the first plastic card system in jewelry in 2003 in Zen Diamond. After this date, the use of siysem has become increasingly common. In short, it is used for photographing your products, archiving, cataloging, and printing plastic card products and VIP customer certificates.

What is the M&L Certificate Catalog?

M&L programs that can be used in the M&L Certificate - Catalog system; MLSet is ML Retail, MLDiamond or MLGold Erp.
Ministudyo and Camera: A good camera with a lighting stand and macro shooting is required to take a quality photo of the product.
Plastic Card Printers: Evolis Pebble, Zebra P330i or P110 Card Printer or equivalent;
Printed Plastic Cards: There are 3 types of plastic cards designed and presented by our design team specifically for your company: Standard Printed, Leaf Printed, Leafed - Embossed Printed. Prices vary according to the number and types. Please ask for price.
Card Printer Ribbons: Color and black and white ribbons are available.

Who Uses the M&L Certificate - Catalog Solution?

It uses gold and diamond products producers, wholesalers and exporters in the jewelery production sector. It uses gold and diamond wholesalers and exporters in the wholesale jewelry industry. It uses silver wholesalers. Retail firms selling gold and diamond products in the retail jewelery sector, and jewelery stores use silver retailers.

M&L Certificate - "Don't be left behind with the Catalog Solution."