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Hello ,I am Levent Sekban,Establisher and CEO of M& L Software Co ltd M&L SOFTWARE CO is a leading Software &Solution Company, and act as a System Integrator in "Jewellery Software Solutions " with 7000 + user Jewellery Companies, in 81 cities in Turkey and 42 Countries all over the World.

42 Countries Are:
Turkiye,Iraq,Iran,Azarbaidjan,Bulgaria,Kuwait,Armenia,Algeria,Dubai,Egypt,Albania,Macedonia,Bosna-Herzegovnia,Lithuania,Kazakhi4stan,Russia,Ozbekistan,Germany, Belgium,Nederland,France,England,Italy, Switzerland ,Romania,Czech Republic,Polonia,Sweden, U.S.A,Mexico,Hong Kong,South Korea,Thailand,Nahcivan,Moldava. VISION - Wisdom - Knowledge - Experience - Intelligence

With over 30 years of experience in the jewellery sector,we have a profound understanding of the Jewellery business and the marketplace. Therefore, M&L Software is one of the Leader Software Company that directly focusing on Jewellery Solutions in the World ,with 35 personnel, 4 office points,25 years plus experience and 7000+ user companies, We are concentrated on Jewellery Business Management & Planning Software Solutions.
M&L support team can give technical Support and maintenance fluently in English & Turkish languages.
M&L Software Solutions are now in Turkish –English and Albanian Language and Our Software Solutions also can be translated into any Latin Alphabeth language,if needed. M&L Solutions are ready to be translated to all of Latinnese .
Furthermore we have got Human resources and Training academy is called M&L ACADEMY www.mlakademi.com The main Solutions For Jewellery Manufacturers, Wholesalers and Retailers

Of M&L Group are below;

Please check the websites

1) M&L AGES Rfid Solutions

Check video at www.mlages.com "Speedy check your Jewellery Store in 10 minutes"
In 28 years ,We have been deeply and vertically focusing on RFID subject
We have been working on Rfid Subject since 2006 nearly for 15 years; We have a very succesfull Rfid solution on Jewellery Sector is called as a “MLAGES Rfid Jewellery Solution” MLAGES Rfid is “the Market Leader Jewellery Rfid solution” It is in use at 500 + Jewellery Companies in Turkey, Germany, Egypt ..
We are keeping on working on new and innovative Rfid solutions to be ahead of the market..

Please check the web site
mlages.com and watch Video of "Speedy Jewellery Store Control " from www.mlages.com
(web site in Turkish-English,video in Turkish)

Since 2006 we have been developing HF and UHF Jewellery inventory system integrations. This System is Called ML AGES - RFID System – (AGES means All Gained Electronic Equipped System) The main aim Of this RFID System is checking and comparing physical real stocks with Computer stocks furthermore making mass reading and checking inventories; in the most easiest and fastest way as much as possible.

So We can offer you:,
Technical and Business Consultancy services in the frame of Support consultancy Aggreement about Rfid Subject for all over the World.. Besides that we can supply Rfid Printers scanners, Rfid components and also produce the most important thing RFid labels for your special projects.

2) M&L Barcode Solutions

Since 1993 www.mlyazilim.com "Leader Jewellery Software" www.mlbil.com Inventory management , Stock Control of Gold,Diamond & Silver Products and barcode control and sales of Everyjewellery stock.

3) M&L Gold Erp Solutions

ERP Software Solutions and JBMS (Jewellery Business Management Solutions) – since 1993. www.mlbil.com"Best system for Manufacturers And Gold Producer & Wholesaler Companies"

4) M&L Sertificate & Cataloging Solutions

Check www.ministudyo.com, www.mlbil.com "Plastic card Certificating, Vip Card Design, Catalogue& Certificate Solutions – Since 1996

5) M&L Web Solutions , M&L B2B Order

Management solutions and we possess valuable know how on all of these subjects that are key to success in the Jewellery business.
B2B –Company to Customer—inventory Management- Web Catalogues and Model Order Management Systems and B2B Catalogue Solutions – is called as www.mljewel.net MLJEWELNETb2b Solution…
If You want Just only Show your catalogue mlwebcatalog.com MLCatalogue Solutions And mobile App.
We are Professional on Integration with ERP system with Web B2B Solutions

6) M&L MOBILE Solutions

MLIPAD with IOS applications www.mlbil.com Mobile Order Management, Mobile Sales Management, MLMOBILE Transactions and Inventory Control and also Management Reports with MLREPORT Mobile solutions – You can easily see on our MLIPAD and MOBILE Solutions WE can develop your own MOBILE software solutions integrated with our desktop and web solutions..

7) M&L Data Security Solutions

MLKOALA The unigue and securest solutions in M&L Software.Please Ask

8) M&L Franchising Software Solutions

Networking Services.

9) www.mlshop.biz e-Shop site

Labels and etc…

10) JewelTurk “Turkish Jewellery Craft” from Turkiye to World

M&L SOFTWARE - Jewelturk Busines Development Agency

As a Result;
M&L Software Company has a great ability to do any kind of Jewellery Business Management Project and has a huge experience to implement productive,intelligent ,secured and speedy Software Solutions in Jewellery Companies .


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