Success Stories – History"Milestones"


In 1992;
We established the first jewelry-focused software company in Turkey. The foundations of Muzaffer Engin and Levent Sekban were laid.

In 1993;
The first times "We have used the barcode system in jewelry sector in Turkey.

In 1995;
We decided to focus not only on software development, but also on designing IT solutions and services, and started our corporate activities on this matter. M&L Computer Software, Hardware and Consulting Services Ltd Sti. officially activated.

In 1997;
M&L AKDENİZ We started the program installation services for jewelry-oriented customers in Antalya as the first sector-oriented IT company in Antalya.

In 1998;
We launched the first Turkish Jewelery Portal JEWELCITY. We brought the sector together with the internet.

In 2000;
All our software has moved to the Windows Platform.

In 2002;
We started operating in our new building in Nuruosmaniye.

In 2003;
The jewelry sector has undergone extensive screening and 9 different program modules have been developed for various subgroups of the sector. Our company has become more preferable with the business-oriented solutions made by each company. Solutions have been developed in single and multi-user corporate environments in terms of Gold-Diamond-Silver-Stone and Manufacturing Wholesale Retail. These solutions will develop more and more with our corporate vision and the support of the industry.

In 2004;
Our training center became operational and the first jewelry automation training started. Big CENTER Solution package was produced for touristic district centers and the first system was installed. Antalya region as many copies of our company's nearly 300, has reached 2000 users in Turkey.

In 2005;
We have established our e-commerce website and put it into the service of our customers. We continued to provide advantageous and secure shopping via the internet.

In 2006;
Our Kuyumcukent branch first started operating. The foundations of our Ankara Regional Branch were laid in the same year. Network systems institutions with remote access were launched and corporate solutions were developed. RFID applications in the jewelry world in the first 2 times under the name AGES project was developed and implemented in Turkey.

In 2007;
Our Ankara Regional Branch and Main Solution Dealer started operating in July. Our new program on the Net platform, mobile device applications, our new version MLJEWEL7.WİN (27th version) on the current platform has been released and offered to the service of the entire industry.

We became the only jewelery software manufacturer with ISO 9001 certification. Our software was translated into English and started to be used abroad.

In 2009;
The models introduced to the locally used program are instantly transferred to the internet environment; We have implemented the MLJEWEL.NET project, which enables taking orders and transferring them to the local program on the internet. The M&L MOBILE project is also operational.

In 2010;
After the English of our program, the Albanian version is also ready for use. We have reached 5000 countries in 30 countries and 80 provinces.

In 2011;
Our M&L JEWEL10 version has been released. Our ML R&D software development department has expanded.

In 2012;
MLAGES application has started again and effectively with the new version of M&L AGES Tags. MLAGES in Uhf RFID tag technologies were reflected in our work.

In 2013;
We had many users in countries such as Germany, Mexico, Honkhong, Egypt Dubai, England, France, Holland, Italy, Azerbaijan.

In 2014;
MLYazilim decided to develop IOS Based Tablet Programs and started software development activities in order to combine Web Based programs and Desktop programs and tablet programs in the final target. 2014 M&L Software moved to a new and permanent move in Kuyumcukent

In 2015;
MLJEWEL11. Our program has been released.

In 2016;
Our Training Center under the name of MLAKADEMI started its activities in Nuruosmaniye. Our Purpose: To bring to the sector.

In 2017;
Our M&L WEbrapor, M&L Web catalog, M&L Jewel Tablet and Ios based tablet programs have been released. In 2017, it became our Solution partner under the same name that signed an agreement with our MLAKDENİZ branch.

In 2018;
Our new Tablet Based and Web based projects have been released and started to be used.

In 2019;
Our program M&L JEWEL Turkiye in 81 provinces in 36 countries around the world exceed the number of our company's 6000 i. M& software Central Nuruosmaniye, Istanbul Branch Kuyumcukent - Mlakademi you Antalya and M&L Anadolu Ankara Solutions partners with Turkey and continues its leadership in the jewelry industry in terms of programs throughout the world.

In 2020;
Our Training Portal named MLAKADEMİ We aim to add a new vision to the sector with deep-rooted changes and diversified services.

In 2021;
We continued to provide service and support to our customers in a remote working environment during difficult times during the pandemic. During this period, we made comprehensive changes and started updates to our Main Program called ML Jewel 12.

In 2022;
In this year when we returned to normal working life again, we developed our ML IPAD JEWEL, ML IPAD ORDER, ML IPAD CASH SALES, ML IPAD COUNTING, ML WEB REPORT mobile program applications and made them available to our jeweler friends.

In addition to our special solutions such as ML E-INVOICE and ML EFFICIENCY REPORT, this year we started the giant project of the future that will combine our Internet and Mobile Media Desktop applications in a single medium, which will last at least 3 years.

In 2024;
Our ML JEWEL 12 program will be available as ML JEWEL 24.

With our Jewelturk and Jewelcity projects, we will be one of the leading companies in the Turkish IT Industry with solutions we will develop in the field of B2b and e-commerce.TARGET 2030. We wish to enter the happy tomorrows Smart, Knowledgeable, Ready and Bright.

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